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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is it held?

It is held in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida from January 25th through February 2nd, 2025.

Who is eligible to attend?

Any player 30 years of age or older is eligible to attend. Campers age 25 or older are also eligible to participate in the camp, provided they are playing with an eligible relative (parent, grandparent, etc.)

What do I need to bring?

All you’ll need to bring is your glove, shoes (we prefer rubber spikes) and your personal undergarments (navy blue sleeves or a T-shirt, jock, compression shorts, sanitary socks, etc.).

What other rooming options are available?

Each year we do have campers that either live or own a second home in the Ft Myers area.  Any camper that does not require lodging at the camp hotel is eligible for a $600 discount for the week.  That amount can be subtracted from the posted registration fees for camp.  We are often asked if we feel it important that first year campers stay at the hotel to get the complete experience.  We believe that to be an individual call.  However, it is not uncommon to spend time visiting with the Pro Staff members after any of the evening events.  We also know that many life long friendships have been forged by spending time with your fellow campers.

How do I register?

You can register online by clicking on the Contact tab on the web site or by contacting us and registering by phone at 443-857-0274

What is the cost of attending camp?

Returning Campers: $4,739 (no uniform)

First year campers: $5,239 = including double occupancy at the Crowne Plaza Bell Tower

Single rooms are an additional $900 for the week as requested

A $500 down payment is due at registration. Please contact us by phone at 443-857-0274, or email to arrange your down payment

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